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"When I became depressed, what I lacked most was information about the condition and where to get help but, most importantly, about what I could do to help myself".

The majority of people affected by depression have problems with memory and concentration, which makes reading difficult. So providing information in an audio format can make it much more accessible.

Taking Control: Healthy Strategies for Living With Depression was developed from the course manual for the Depression Busting™ self management course. In recognition of the problems with reading that many people with depression face, Journeys decided to produce an audio version – making it accessible to a much wider audience than could be reached with a traditional printed book.
Taking Control provides a comprehensive self-help guide to managing and overcoming depression. In 145 tracks across 6 CDs, Taking Control offers the listener everything they need to know. Disc 1 introduces depression, explaining the terminology; the myths around the causes and cures for depression; the various types of depression; and how depression is experienced by the person affected. Disc 2 sets out the treatments (formal and informal) that are available. Discs 3-6 explore the many self help techniques and strategies people with depression can use to manage their condition.
An MP3 version is available to download.
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